Name derived from Latin meaning fast, swift . Moreover, we find this notion in some Latin languages such as Italian , which uses the term “veloce”. In this sense, the link with the company’s activities is expressed by the notion of speed digital network systems.

Fully focussed on the future

The numerical revolution, everybody’s talking about it and it regularly makes headlines in a wide range of media. We are all now well aware that we live in a world where the integration of new technologies happens almost daily and at dizzying speed.

We can therefore easily understand that the integration of numeric technologies constitutes one of the major challenges of our society as they will fundamentally change the way we live and work over the long term.

Global and fully integrated service

It is therefore in this particularly dynamic environment that VELOXNumeric offers its highly skilled services to meet the needs of a clientele whose requirements are equal to the challenges of this business sector.

Seen as numeric network architects, the staff of VELOXNumeric is dedicated to offering global solutions, from design to maintenance of the most complex and demanding networks.

Experience and know-how

Made up of a professional multi-disciplinary team with long experience and excellent technical knowledge, VELOXNumeric positions itself as a local actor with local roots focussed on the need to provide its future clients with bespoke proposals.

If you are looking for a partner of choice who knows how to translate your requirements into actual systems and who is able to manage your most ambitious integration projects, VELOXNumeric constitutes not only an effective response but also a long-term solution giving you peace of mind with regard to the design and maintenance of your numeric network.



VELOXNumeric is a major Swiss player in the rollout of copper (ADSL, VDSL, etc.), coaxial and fibre-optic networks (FTTH, FTTB, FTTS, etc.). VELOXNumeric is an experienced partner working alongside you in developing your network.

VELOXNumeric builds and maintains copper, coaxial and fibre-optic cable networks throughout Switzerland. Our major capabilities in the implementation and commissioning of wired networks are illustrated by our installations as well as by our experience.

As a general company dealing with the installation of wired networks, our engineers and specialists are there to work alongside you in order to ensure the project runs smoothly right from the design and scheduling phase of the wired network.

In the position of a general company, we take on board all building and civil engineering processes. For civil engineering works, we work directly with our local partners in the design and production phases.

The projects and installations we have carried out enable us to apply our experience and know-how in the construction of the latest and most powerful digital infrastructures.

Our modern equipment, experienced workforce and quality processes enable us to guarantee an implementation process which is fully controlled and compliant with deadlines throughout the value chain.


Within the context of increasing data capacity requirements for mobile networks, VELOXNumeric offers services ranging from design, scheduling, implementation and maintenance of mobile network infrastructures. Our services cover all requirements, namely: search for locations, site acquisition, lease negotiations, project and engineering design, production, installation and commissioning along with the maintenance of mobile networks.

VELOXNumeric is able to offer services in site acquisition and negotiation with owners, state-owned companies or administrations along with communal or cantonal authorities. Our experienced engineers and technicians ensure the mobile network project develops in accordance with your expectations and requirements. We install antennas and supports, as well as the steel structures required for the safety of people and installations. We are active in GSM/2G/3G/4G/EDGE/LTE technologies.

VELOXNumeric offers quality, flexible and modulable services suited to your requirements. Our experience and know-how in project management allow us to benefit from a privileged relationship with the main owners, state-owned companies, administrations and authorities optimising the design and implementation phases of mobile networks.



Energy requirements are always increasing, and distribution facilities need to be adapted to future requirements. VELOXNumeric is the ideal company to offer you innovative building energy management solutions.
VELOXNumeric offers its services to engineers, architects, real-estate developers and owners as well as companies authorised to carry out network infrastructure work. The synergies between telecommunication and energies enable us to offer a wide range of services and products.

  • Photovoltaic Stations
  • Smart Metering
  • Electric Terminals / Charger
  • Energy balance
  • Automation

Our experienced technicians work alongside you from the design to implementation phases. Our maintenance department ensures the service life of your energy structures.


Safety requirements in buildings are always increasing. VELOXNumeric offers a wide range of services and solutions adapted to each requirement.

VELOXNumeric produces, checks and maintains safety installations within buildings such as fire detection, evacuation and surveillance systems, break-in detection alarms, videosurveillance over IP, access controls, entry phones, transmission and supervision systems as well as access control and working time entry systems.

Our employees are trained and experienced in the technical areas of telecommunication and energy enabling installations to be optimised particularly on sites requiring fibre-optic or mobile transmission (hertzian) networks.

As far as maintenance operations are concerned, our operational organisation has sites throughout Switzerland thus providing very short response and repair times.

Apart from buildings, we also develop simple solutions suited to a number of business sectors including: Banking, insurance, hotel industry, warehousing and car parks.

Everything we produce is carried out with customer satisfaction, performance and quality in mind.



VELOXNumeric is active within a number of value chains. We are present from the design phase of your projects, work alongside you in implementing your ideas as well as with the control and maintenance of your operation.

As true “Numeric network architects”, we offer solutions suited to your project management requirements.

The project management modules we propose enable you to choose the management best suited to your internal processes.

We schedule, check, optimise and control the processes before, during and after the implementation phase.

Our fully turnkey design and implementation services extend from the design phase (pre-project, submissions by building cost code, statistical calculations, request for building permit, etc.) to scheduling, construction and inspections.

Our dynamism, experienced workforce and established know-how are the keys to the success of your projects.


To extend the service life and optimise the operation of your networks, VELOXNumeric offers an internal preventative and responsive maintenance service 24/7.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and tools enable us to identify and repair flaws or failures in the installations.
As we have branches throughout Switzerland, we can provide an immediate local response by one of our maintenance service technicians.

Our professionalism is THE guarantee of quality workmanship.


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